Mariner’s Compass di Marti Michell

Marti Michell will guide us in creating a Mariner’s Compass Base with 16 points with Benartex fabrics and her brand new Set Mariner’s Compass, explained personally by her exclusively for Europe by Master Quilt.

The Marti Michell Workshop Kit includes:

Mariner’s Compass Templates Set of 14″ and the fabrics and yarns necessary for the realization of the block.

Participants will have to bring only the material from Cut Patchwork: Small cutting base, or if available rotating base, Rotary cutter preferably 28mm blade diameter, cutting ruler in inches if available or in cm preferably average size cm. 15 x cm 30, patchwork pins, fabric scissors and seam-ripper.

It will be possible to purchase the necessary equipment during the workshop in a dedicated Corner Point.

Mariner’s Compass Templates 14 “

A package with 6 Templates for perfect alignment and assembly and the step-by-step instruction for many variations, as we have never done so far!

The Mariner’s Compass base is a 16-point compass and is made with just 4 Templates!

The instruction manual includes:

Color photos and a coloring page to customize the block

Detailed fabric measurements for all the parts

Cut and sew Mariner’s Compass with 16 and 32 tips

Creation of intermediate points and “Halos” (Aloni)

Full-size model to create a pieced center

Discussion on using mirror (mirror) for design preview

Finishing instructions include line-and-turn applications for the central circle

Reverse Appliqué Technique for the Base of the Block

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