Ladies and gentleman, Marti Michell

Wherever it goes, and with good reason, Marti Michell is presented as a Pioneer of the Revival of Quilt, not by chance this year celebrates 46 years of activity!

In 1972, when Marti and her husband Richard founded “Yours Truly, Inc.“, a company that was preparing Patchwork Fabrics, the quilt industry did not yet exist.

Since then, Marti has continued to offer its contribution to the world of Patchwork, sharing with Quilters around the world its experience and its innovations that make the creation of quilts ever more simple, precise and fun.

When she attends Events and Manifestations, regardless of the role: Teacher, Quilter, Author, Publisher, Producer, Designer, Consultant, Judge or Quilt Collector, her enthusiasm and love for Quilting is always evident.

Since 1995 the Michell spouses have produced the line of acrylic models and special rulers for Rotary Cutting: “From Marti Michell”

Marti lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but was born and raised in Iowa, where she earned a degree in Textiles and Clothing and Home Ec Journalism from Iowa State University. In 1991 she received the first “Michael Kile” award for the Creativity and Excellence in the Quilting Industry, while at the 2004 International Quilt Festivaldi Houston was awarded the “Silver Star”, the prestigious “Career Award”.

If you look in your collection of books for Patchwork and Quilting you will certainly find one of the books of Marti, until now have been sold over a million and a half copies, and surely among your sewing material you could have fabrics, models or tools that she has designed.

His influence in the world of quilting is enormous, in the period 1972-1985 with “Yours Truly”, Marti “discovered” and with Richard he published and promoted Quiltmaker, Authors and High-level Teachers such as Mary Ellen Hopkins, Liz Porter, Marianne Fons, Harriet Hargrave, Susan McKelvey, Jean Wells and Cheryl Bradkin.

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